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About Us

At FoxyTab, we are passionate about empowering ECommerce store owners to reach new heights in their businesses. Our specialized application streamlines operations and boosts performance for WooCommerce stores.

Elevate Your ECommerce Store's Performance

FoxyTab is designed for WooCommerce stores, providing effortless order management and valuable insights into your store's performance. Take control of your online store with our user-friendly interface.

Our Vision

Our vision at FoxyTab is to be the leading provider of innovative tools for WooCommerce stores, empowering merchants to succeed in a competitive e-commerce landscape.

Features That Make a Difference

FoxyTab offers a comprehensive suite of features to streamline order management and gain valuable business insights. From quick order status updates to customizable invoice printing, we've got you covered.

Understanding Your Customers, Optimizing Your Strategies

Beyond order management, FoxyTab provides in-depth customer statistics. Search for customers, apply filters, and gain insights into your customer base. Optimize your marketing and sales strategies for lasting success.

Commitment to Security and Privacy

At FoxyTab, security and privacy are paramount. We employ industry-standard practices to safeguard your data and ensure a safe browsing experience.

Our Support

Our dedicated professionals are here to assist you. We take pride in offering exceptional customer support to resolve any issues promptly and efficiently.

Join the FoxyTab Community

Join the FoxyTab community and elevate your WooCommerce store's performance. Let us be your trusted partner in your e-commerce journey.