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Foxytab provides innovative software to help businesses improve efficiency.

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Foxytab is a software company that creates intelligent solutions to help businesses
streamline their operations and improve their bottom line.

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Elevate your WooCommerce store's performance with our intuitive application

Take your WooCommerce store to new heights with our user-friendly application.

Introducing a specialized application tailored for WooCommerce stores, which effortlessly manages all your orders. This versatile tool seamlessly retrieves and organizes orders, enabling you to print individual orders with ease or print them all at once. Additionally, it provides a unique feature for customizing invoice printing, giving your business a professional touch.

  • quick order status updates.
  • Gain valuable insights into your best-selling products.
  • sales breakdowns by city, payment methods, and even the devices used for purchase.
  • With a dedicated annual report on profits, you can track your financial growth efficiently.

The application goes beyond order management, offering comprehensive customer statistics as well. Effortlessly search for customers by name or phone number, and apply convenient filters based on their residing city. This powerful tool empowers you to better understand your customer base and optimize your business strategies for success.

Product Features

Application Features

Efficient Status Updates

With one click, you can change order status to Completed, Canceled, On-hold, or even delete the order.

Simplified Order Printing

Seamlessly retrieve, print, and customize invoices for individual orders or multiple orders at once, all with utmost ease.

Powerful Data Analysis

access comprehensive insights on sales performance, customer demographics, top-selling products, payment methods and device used in place order.

User-Friendly Interface

Once you link your store with the application, you can manage your orders quickly and easily, This will save your valuable time and effort.

Processing orders window

Efficiently manage orders and customer information, with easy printing and status control, while gaining valuable insights on current orders.

In this window, you'll have a comprehensive view of all orders categorized as "Processing" and "Unhold," accompanied by valuable statistics on the order count and total value. Delve deeper into customer details linked to these orders for complete insights.

Within this same window, you'll enjoy the convenience of printing individual orders instantly, as well as the option to print all orders collectively. Moreover, with direct control over order statuses, you can effortlessly modify individual or groups of orders as needed.

Furthermore, unlock vital statistics on top-selling products, preferred payment methods by customers, and the devices utilized for making these purchases, allowing you to optimize your business strategies with data-driven decision-making.

Manage processing orders
Printing and exporting invoice

Printing and exporting reports

Easily print and export invoices with our program's robust invoice design tool.

You can add multiple designs and choose your preferred one for printing.

Additionally, all reports can be easily exported to Excel or PDF format, in case you want more data processing, product records, or the annual sales report with ease.

Customer Insights

Gain customer insights, view purchase details, print/export statistics, and understand demographics effectively.

Explore valuable statistics and information about your store's customers in this user-friendly window. Easily view a complete list of all customers, or filter customers based on specific states, as you can also serach for any customer by his name or phone number.

For each customer, gain insights into their latest purchase, total orders value, email, phone number, and the device used for the purchase. These detailed statistics can be conveniently printed in a coordinated format or exported to Excel for further analysis.

Through these analyses, discover the actual demographic distribution of your customer base and identify the states or cities where the majority of your customers reside. This knowledge will help you tailor your business strategies to better serve your customers and boost sales.

Customer Insights
printable customer list report

Boost Your WooCommerce Store's Success!

Optimize your WooCommerce store with our intelligent application. Simplify order management, print invoices with ease, and access comprehensive data analysis. Take charge of your business's growth today!

More Features

Effortlessly manage your online store with FoxyTab, offering offline access to Insight , tax control options, customization, dedicated support, and seamless integration with your accounting system for streamlined order-to-invoice processing."

Offline Access

With our application, you'll have a local copy of all store orders, customer data, and product information. Enjoy full access to all data and insights even without an internet connection.

Flexible Tax Management

Regarding taxes, you can choose whether the application or the WooCommerce store handles tax settings, giving you full control over tax management.

Customize Your Experience: Reach Out for Support

We are here to help you design invoice, or if you want more customization in the application that meet your needs Contact us anytime and we will be happy to assist you.

Integrate Store with your Accounting System

If you have a specific accounting system, we can connect it directly with your online store through our application, by doing so, you can effortlessly convert store orders into real invoices in your accounting system without any manual effort on your end. Say goodbye to unnecessary troubles and streamline your invoicing process with ease.

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Choose the plan that best suits your needs. FoxyTab offers flexible pricing with a range of features to empower your online store management


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  • Maximum fetching orders 5
  • Unlimited invoice design
  • Change status of order
  • Print orders
  • Fetch all completed order
  • Show all statics
  • Import all customers
  • Print customers list
  • Search for customer
  • Import products list
  • Export to excel
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